Organizing an unforgettable Global Community Impact Day for Adyen, a world leading payment company with Dutch roots, as part of their annual company week in Amsterdam.


When Adyen reached out to us at the beginning of this year to organize their Global Community Impact Day we were beyond excited. With its roots lying in Amsterdam, Adyen has always been high on our wish list of companies to join forces with and turn our city into a better place together.

Adyen’s global Community Impact Day was planned as part of their annual global company week in June. Over one week, approximately 4000 employees from all over the world were invited to their Amsterdam-based headquarters for team building sessions, workshops, and events. Adyen truly believes in their ability to give back and make a positive difference in the world around them, so for the first time ever, a global volunteering day was scheduled as part of this week.

We decided to focus on the less privileged neighborhoods in Amsterdam, where we could really make a difference. That’s why we facilitated different volunteering activities from gardening and trash clean-ups to sustainability workshops and bike repairs, in de Bijlmer, a neighborhood located in the South-east of the city. Together with Adyen we estimated that 250 employees would sign-up to volunteer and give back to the community. Little did we know, all spots would be full immediately after opening the registrations … so we decided to arrange even more volunteering projects! The more helping hands, the better 🙂

One day prior to the event we had 566 volunteer sign-ups. What a great amount of helping hands. Also, the weather forecast was promising (sunshine all day). 3,2,1 … ready to make an impact!

> 566 highly-motivated volunteers spread over 12 different volunteering locations;
> a wide range of practical, social and green volunteering opportunities to choose from:
– supporting three inclusive petting farms with practical chores such as cleaning stables, repairing sheds and taking care of animals;
– assisting people living in social houses with gardening activities in collaboration with Eigen Haard;
– helping out at a local food bank with sorting and handing out food packages to people with financial restrictions;
– two “team up to clean up” tours through Nelson Mandela Park inviting volunteers to collect garbage while learning more about the neighborhood and its cultural treasures;
– a playground clean-up to ensure kids can play safely again in a clean environment;
– several sustainable workshops (e.g. cleaning, repairing and upcycling old bikes; making fresh juices and healthy fruit sticks to surprise residents of an elderly home in the neighborhood; …) facilitated by the Groene Hub.
> a full day of volunteering activities with several time slots resulting in a total of 1.415 volunteering hours.

Last but not least: a big “dank jullie wel” to all Adyen employees for their endless motivation, hard work and smiling faces! It has been a pleasure to join forces with you and turn this global Community Impact Day into a day to remember. 
We are proud that Adyen chose us as a partner to help create and deliver an impactful event in the books. Thank you for your trust and for giving back to the community with so much passion and dedication!


Got inspired by Adyen? 
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