Adam Helpt is an organisation that has been around for a number of years, bringing people and companies together to not only help each other but support each other. To grow in the ability to reach out to a person or a project in need and to say “ Lets do this”. Providing a bridge between social projects and organizations, Adam Helpt has taken on the role of project coordination, creation as well as CSR strategy; thereby creating meaningful and impactful bonds between companies and the communities that need their support the most.

However, you may be surprised to discover that Adam Helpt was actually created by three different NGO’s. The story starts with three NGO’s based in Amsterdam. Burennetwerk, Serve the City Amsterdam and Stichting Present All three of these NGO’s have one thing in common: they are dedicated organizations who want to bring people and social volunteering together.

Burennetwerk is an organization that brings neighbors together to help each other out with small tasks. Especially now in the times of Corona, neighbors who can’t go outside because they are older or immune-compromised, have a hard time. So Burennetwerk organizes people in the neighborhood that would like to do shopping for them or even just give them a call. Other tasks like household handywork, walking the dog and giving lifts are also much appreciated. This is not only a way of supporting people in your neighborhood but being part of a strong community!

Serve the City Amsterdam is part of a worldwide movement that brings together individuals and homeless shelters, refugee centers, old age homes and other institutions that need help. Serve the City creates events with music, crafts or cooking that bring people together. Crossing the borders of nationality and language by linking people. People are encouraged to reach out with big and small acts of kindness to those who need it most. As a recent example, during the corona time, many bouquets of flowers were donated to the Menno Simonzhuis in Amsterdam to cheer up the elderly( a surprise organized by two friends in cooperation with a flower growing co-operative and Burennetwerk,Serve the City and Stichting Present).

Stichting Present is an organization that brings together volunteers and those individuals in the community that can can use support. For instance those that suffer from poverty, ill health or social isolation. They strive to build a bridge between those that may suffer in silence and those that want to reach out a helping hand in support. Nobody should have to be alone with their problems and Stichting Present is all about making sure that doesn’t happen.

These three NGO’s recognized a need for another kind of organization. An organization that would bring together companies and volunteering efforts. An organization that would focus on Corporate social responsibility , thereby fostering the link between social projects and companies. An organization like Adam Helpt.

Even today, Serve the City and Stichting Present work closely together with Adam Helpt on Corporate social responsibility projects. Many interested companies are able to find a project or direction for their team, through the support of these NGOs. In this way, they are not only making a difference in the lives of the people they help but also aiding to spread the idea of helping and of supporting those who need it most in the community.

Have you also become interested in contacting Adam Helpt or one of the other three NGO’s mentioned? Then don’t hesitate and call or contact us today! We will work together to create a plan that fits best with your individual needs. We know that these are hard times, but we also believe that only when we hold strong and stand together, can we really make a difference. Take the first step with us and make a difference in somebodys life today.

Written by: Monika Seyer