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About us

adam helpt is a non-profit organization, which aims to bring companies and local communities closer together.

We believe that corporate volunteering is key to make employees happier and better people. That’s why we organize customized team building events, impact days and workshops for companies from a to z. By this, you can get your employees more engaged while increasing your societal impact as company.

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The story behind

When it comes to volunteering, we experienced that companies have specific needs: it starts with the development of proper strategies to activate employees, finding out more about their various interests, and partnering up with social projects that can host larger groups. Also, impact days, skill-based volunteering, and trainings are a big thing.
This is why back in 2016, the two NGO’s Serve the City Amsterdam and Stichting Present joint forces to set up Adam Helpt, a non-profit organization that facilitates volunteering opportunities especially for companies. Our aim: bringing companies and social communities in Amsterdam closer together. This is also what our name stands for: A(mster)dam helps!

0ur mission

We facilitate volunteer projects that bring your company’s values to life. Corporate social responsibility programmes make an impact in the community, but they also help your employees develop new skills and build more collaborative teams. Let us show you how.

Make a social impact

Giving back to the community increases employee engagement and pride, which makes your company stronger. By working together in a different setting, employees can develop leadership skills, learn to collaborate, and generate creative, efficient solutions. Volunteering helps employees come together as a team in a whole new way.

Customize your programme 

We design projects and programmes to meet your company’s specific needs and goals. Our team offers both logistical support for volunteer projects and strategic consulting for corporate social responsibility programmes. We are well connected to organizations throughout the Amsterdam area, so we can find the best teambuilding activities for you.

Become part of a movement

We want companies to become part of a movement to get socially involved in the community. Amsterdam offers unique opportunities to businesses, but it is also a city with many needs. Together, we can make Amsterdam a better place for everyone.

Our team 

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Our project coordinators

Madalina Grosu

Claire O'Driscoll

Arianna Summa

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Do you want to set up a project, get help with your CSR strategy, or volunteer with us? We would love to hear from you! 

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