Corporate volunteering

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Do you want to make impact and give back to society together with your team or organization?

Corporate volunteering is a great way to bring your team closer together while strengthening your company’s CSR in practical ways. We help you find a corporate volunteering activity that perfectly matches your colleagues’ interests and arrange it from start to finish. 

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Types of corporate volunteering activities

Social corporate volunteering activities

Volunteer directly with vulnerable people, working onsite at a shelter, residential centre, or community centre. Get to know the people you’re helping through activities like cooking, playing games, or going outside for a walk together.   

Hands-on corporate volunteering activities

Time to add a splash of colour to vulnerable Amsterdammers’ lives! Together with your team it is time to roll up your sleeves and do some practical tasks such as painting the walls of a family shelter in all colors of a rainbow, rejuvenating a children’s playground in an unprivileged neighborhood, or help with some simple construction tasks at a petting farm. 

environmental volunteering activities

Working outside together with your colleagues is a great way to get to know each other while contributing to a greener future. Join forces and help out at a city farm, clean up one of Amsterdam’s beautiful parks while learning more about its hidden cultural gems, or turn the garden of an elderly residence into a blooming paradise all together

Culinary volunteering activities

For many people in Amsterdam a daily meal is not taken for granted. Time to swing the wooden spoon together with your colleagues and cook a 3-course dinner for a homeless shelter, surprise refugees with delicious Dutch pancakes, or arrange nice lunch packages for school kids in need.

Why work with us?

  • We have extensive experience setting up employee volunteering days for companies of all sizes.
  • We can plan and arrange a volunteering activity for your team within a month.
  • We are well connected to all kinds of social organizations in the Amsterdam area, which means we can find volunteering activities that perfectly match your team's interests.  
  • We offer a budget-friendly alternative to typical teambuilding activities.  
  • Compared to making a 'black box' donation, volunteering allows your employees to experience the positive impact they make on the community straight away. 

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