‘Oldie but Goldie’ is what Claire O’Driscoll (ServiceNow) and Arianna Summa (Equinix) were thinking when reaching out to us with the idea to donate their old company laptops and pcs to refugees. Time to give old company laptops a second life and donate them to refugees!

Laptops and computers for refugee shelters
After fleeing from the war, shelter residents now try to build up a normal life over here in Amsterdam. WOW hostel Amsterdam is currently hosting 200 refugees from Ukraine – from children over students to adults. With the help of the IT equipment donations from ServiceNow and Equinix, we could provide WOW with 10 old laptops and 4 monitors. Four of the laptops are connected to a monitor and setup in the lobby for instant use. Alternatively, residents can also borrow one of the remaining laptops for a few hours. This allows them to access information, continue their education online, search for a new job, and stay connected with their family back in Ukraine. Win – win: for people and planet! 

Your company also wants to donate old but working IT equipment to people in need?
Great to hear! We collect any computer devices from windows laptops, tablets and PCs over iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Just reach out to us and we will connect you to a shelter in need.

Last but not least a big thank you to Claire O’Driscoll and Arianna Summa for taking initiative and making the WOW-team and their residents smile.