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Information for NGO’s & social organizations

Your social organization is looking for motivated volunteers?

We are happy to work together with you and match your social organization with corporate volunteers who want to give back to society. We do not only connect you to corporate volunteers free of charge, but also offer a project coordinator who will facilitate the corporate volunteering project and accompany the corporate volunteers during their volunteering activity.

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Examples of NGO's and social organizations we are partnering with

  • Day care and/or shelters for refugees and/or undocumented people
  • Battered women's shelter
  • Day care and/or shelters for homeless people 
  • Social organizations supporting families and/or children in need 
  • Day care and/or shelters for families that are financially disadvantaged 
  • Residencies for people with special needs 
  • Elderly homes 
  • Non-profit community facilities such as city gardens, petting farms, public parks,  playgrounds or care farms 
  • Food banks

Your NGO could need some helping hands?

Just reach out to us. We are happy to arrange a call with you to understand who you are looking for and find motivated volunteers who are ready to roll up their sleeves.

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