Ready to do something with your team around Christmas?

We have the perfect and Corona-proof activity for your company!


“These people have sometimes lived here for thirty years, their children grew up here. They

 can’t just leave”

“The blanket has been pulled off, now you see how vulnerable these people are in the city”

“It’s life-changing. We are all looking forward to Friday the 17th. You can do something back; it gives life a purpose”

“We really had to build this food distribution ourselves. The people first sent their neighbors or children out for getting food, due to fear and shame to pick up a bag”


Every week 500 families are coming to an “unofficial” food bank to get food.

We would love to bless every single family with a nice extra “Christmas parcel” when they come to pick up their food. This year we want to surprise these families with an extra Christmas gift when they come for their weekly shopping. We are up to the challenge of making 500 packages for these families, but we need a lot of help! Are you in?!

Why: There are families struggling financially because of Covid-19. They were working as cleaners and in restaurants and there are no jobs for them right now. They have been struggling for months and we would like to make sure they have food around X-mas and feel loved and cared for by many people!

What: We would like to ask you and your team/colleagues to make one or more Christmas packages for these families. See this as an excellent opportunity to have a great time with your team just before the end of the year and to make a difference in the city despite Covid-19. For example, meet at home with 4 colleagues or agree who will purchase what and fill the boxes together at the office.

With Advent calendars we normally receive something, but now we do it the other way around! We give something away every day. By putting a product in a box every day and giving it to these families when the box is completely filled.

How: The adventure starts on November 30th and ends on December 17th. You can deliver the Christmas package on the 16th or 17th in the morning in Amsterdam in Nieuw-West. Mail us at [email protected] or fill in the contact form that you want to participate. Or call, because a call is faster, on 020 2440272. Then we will discuss the possibilities and the next steps!


You can also make a donation, so we can buy parcels for the families, use this Tikkie link!