After months of being cooped up indoors, the opening up of social spaces has meant children can spend more of their time outdoors playing, exploring, and growing. For parents and nannies, playgrounds have become an integral part of their day, because it gives them a chance to enjoy some fresh air, connect with other adults and feel refreshed. 

As we settle into the new normal in how we go about our days, we need to constantly ensure that social spaces are in the best conditions possible, ensuring everyone who visits them feels safe and taken care of.  

For DPR Construction, community initiatives are a key pillar of the business and part of the company vision. Giving back and integrating into the communities it operates in is integral to the company culture and way of doing business.  It is for this reason the company swiftly got on board the volunteer project that would see the team bring some colour and vibrance at Volewijck Playground.  

The project, which took place over a period of two days with 10 volunteers for each day, featured fun activities such as renovating and painting a swing set, sanding down the picnic benches to adding primer on certain fixturesThe renovation project also involved levelling out the sand on the playground to make it easier for the children to run around. 

The playground, which is managed by Stichting Spin is one of many in Amsterdam Noord. These playgrounds provide a spacious play environment for children. In addition, every playground has an activity leader, who organizes various activities to explore the children’s talents, build their confidence, and equip them with skills for now and the future to come. 

Respect, attention, and safety being the values that guide Stichting Spin,  the organization is committed to creating safe and lovely spaces in the neighbourhoodsIt also pays extra attention to those children and parents that are challenged because are growing up in poverty or are suffering from mental disabilities, ensuring they also feel welcome and accepted. 

Throughout the two project days, the DPR team had a lot of fun getting their hands dirty with all the activities they set out to do. Laughter was abounding in everything they did, and they even poked fun at each other in between the painting and sand levelling. During the snack break, the teams also decided to channel their inner playful child and took turns on a swing, evidence that no matter how old you are, we all need a little fun and play in our lives 

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