Beginning of April, the global music distribution company Fuga united all their employees from Amsterdam, London, New York, Milano and Seoul to attend a week-long conference in the Netherlands. To wrap up a successful week, they asked us to organize a connecting team event for 24 of their employees. Time to exchange laptops for shovels, screwdrivers and clippers!
After a week full of hard work at their head quarter, Fuga’s employees are ready to conquer their outside-office-for-a-day: petting farm De Dierencapel is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is a home to pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens and other fuzzy mates. It is entirely run by volunteers, who aim to bring children and animals closer together while teaching how to treat furry friends with respect.

Pascal, who has already been helping out at De Dierencapel for over 20 years, is happy about 48 additional helping hands. Today’s most important tasks: removing the wildly overgrown bamboo, cleaning the windows and sanding down a metal gate. “A great part about volunteering is that you can always learn new things, which gives you a natural sense of accomplishment.“ explains Karma, Global Audience Insights Manager at Fuga, while lifting tiles and filling holes to make the ground more even.

At the other side of the yard, Melissa and Candice are busy digging a hole and placing a metal wire on the bottom of a fence to prevent the rabbits from escaping. Melissa, Head of Audience Experience, is originally from Scotland and has been working for Fuga for over five years. This is not her first time volunteering with Fuga: “There are a million ways to be useful. It is so nice being outside today, working together with Candice who I usually see in virtual meeting rooms only, and talking about totally different topics than our daily business. Spending time on community effort all together makes our conference-week finish on an extra positive note!”

At the end of the afternoon, Fuga’s dedicated team helped Pascal to finish a range of jobs that would have taken her weeks to complete by herself. With their souls nourished, the Fuga team is ready for dinner before taking their flights or bikes back home.

A big thank you to the whole Fuga team for making our city a nicer place together. We are looking forward to our next team event with you!


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