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We organize corporate volunteering activities & impact days in Amsterdam:

Good bye Adam Helpt,Hello Present at Work & Serve the City at Work.

It’s been seven years since foundations Serve the City and Present Amsterdam joined forces under the name Adam Helpt. Together, we embarked on a journey to create awareness around corporate volunteering in Amsterdam. After 858 projects executed by over 11.000 volunteers for 100+ non-profit organisations in every corner of the city, we believe we have reached our goal.   The coming years we’ll continue to strive for a more beautiful, green and social city. However, going forward, we’ll no longer do this under the umbrella of Adam Helpt but rather with two, separate foundations: Serve the City at Work and Present at Work. This allows us to focus on the core strengths of each foundation, ultimately better serving the companies that are looking to make a social impact.   

We are looking forward to making impact with you!

Anna, Blanca & Melissa
Team Present at Work

Brigitte, Constance & Monica
Team Serve the City at Work