What is in a logo and why is it important? These are two questions that have been answered for years. To put it simply, the main purpose of a logo is for identity. Over the years though, it has come to mean much more as it is also representative of an organization’s principles and what it stands for in the community it operates in.

Over the past couple of months, we have all felt the impact of the pandemic in one way or another and if there is one thing we are constantly learning this year, it is the importance of having a purpose and being intentional in how we live our lives and conduct business. It has challenged us to be more cognizant of the less fortunate in our society and help in any way we can and the significance of being part of a community.

Being an organization that is at the heart of the Amsterdam community, dedicated to improving the lives of the vulnerable people through social activities, we believe it is crucial that this should be equally reflected in our visual branding outlook, accurately capturing our mission and vision, to bring about social change in the city through our work by cultivating a volunteering movement.

As a result, in March 2020, Adam Helpt launched its newly redesigned logo and revamped the website. However, given the ongoing pandemic, we intentionally chose to delay communicating this change. Instead, we focused on ramping up our efforts through the various community projects to ensure we took care of those who needed us more, the most vulnerable. We believed that took precedence and none of the amazing work and difference we have made in the lives of many would ever be possible without the support of our stakeholders.

Our first step as we commenced this project was the redesign of our logo to better represent who Adam Helpt is and what it stands for. Given the significance of the logo to the organization, we strategically chose to go with a minimalist yellow and blue circle made up of three intertwined strands for a few reasons.

It represents the three organizations Serve the City, Stichting Present, and Adam Helpt who continuously work together to organize social projects to support the vulnerable and less fortunate people in our society. It also represents strength as it is only by working together can we strengthen each other and foster a thriving volunteer movement. The yellow and blue colours epitomize our optimism to create together a positive impact and commitment to that mission and the trustworthy partner we are evidenced by the strong connections we have in the community.

In line with the minimalist, clean approach was the revamping of our website, turning it into an online space where we could efficiently communicate and connect with our stakeholders: corporate organizations, individuals and social organizations, clearly demonstrate Adam Helpt’s social mission, the impact we create and the way we work.

It was also aimed and making us easily available to inform, educate, and collaborate with our on various projects we undertake as well as develop bespoke projects and strategies for companies in line with their objectives.

We deeply appreciate the hard work of our volunteers, who constantly offer their knowledge, time, and effort to make the work we do a success. It is a testament to the greatness we can achieve if work together for a great purpose.

For this project especially, we take a moment to recognize the amazing work of the following people:

  • Jill Vanoncini – Project Lead and content creation
  • Mateo Valla – Strategy revision
  • Pelinsu Yalçınsoy – UX designer and web creator
  • Anna Kocherga – Logo creator and web design
  • Vishal Lal – Web Developer
  • Jennifer Nunez – Content creation
  • Vaishali Lakhanpal – Content creation
  • Jackie Wilson – Content revision EN
  • Anastasia Aseeva – Photos
  • Andrew Rogers – Translator
  • Nienke Vermeulen – Translation

This team went above and beyond our expectations to make this project a success and we truly are grateful for their efforts.

Going forward, we are working on enhancing our social media pages to ensure we share relevant updates on our activities and connect with our audiences for a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, share your suggestions on how we can improve as well as your feedback on our projects.

If you would like to volunteer, take part in a great community project as a company, let us know via [email protected] or call 020 2440272. Together we will make a difference.

Written by: Beatrice Thumi