Networking Event for Professionals: New Years Resolution Breakfast

Looking back.
A free pop-up store for financially struggling people together with Nike, a Santa Clause party for children in need together with Salesforce, making a house a home together with Heineken ...
Last year, 2828 volunteers from 72 different companies joined us to make a difference in Amsterdam. Time to look back on some of our impact projects and hear inspiring stories from corporate volunteers.

Looking forward.
Also in 2023 we want to make Amsterdam a better place together with you. Let's meet each other as people, companies to network and brainstorm, and set sustainable and attainable goals for 2023.

What's in it for you.
Meet like-minded people from different companies in Amsterdam and go back to the office with concrete ideas of how your next steps in corporate volunteering for 2023 will look like.

Do you join us?
Free breakfast and food for thought
Tue, 24th January 2023
Time: 09:30 - 11:00 (Walk-in starts at 09:00, breakfast starts at 09:30)
Location: Sofitel Legend the Grand, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 EX Amsterdam (City Centre)
Sign-up: Write a mail to
[email protected] including the number of people you want to join with.


Prologis Impact Day


Organize IMPACT Day activities for 140 Prologis employees in Amsterdam within four weeks

> Ensure a central kick-off location and 17 different volunteering projects within cycling distance in Amsterdam Noord
> Wide ranging selection of volunteer projects: practical jobs at petting farm het Dierendok, creating a vegetable garden at a care home for mentally disabled people, rejuvenating a children's playground, helping vulnerable people out with gardening activities in Tuindorp Oostzaan
> Facilitate lunch and a borrel to wrap up a successful day all together

When Prologis reached out to us in April, asking for help in organizing their Amsterdam IMPACT Day activities, we had exactly four weeks to turn their 10th annual corporate day of volunteering into one to remember. Their request: set up one day in Amsterdam Noord, for 140 employees who where to be divided into small groups with a choice of different volunteer projects at cycling distance. Short time-frame to organize, but feasible. Challenge accepted! Time to grab a city map, a list of all our project partners and start putting our heads together to work out a project plan. One week before the event everything was set in stone (little did we know back then that two of our volunteering partners would have to cancel last minute, but with some additional sweat and tears we still got the job done :-)).  
Friday, 13th May, 09:00. After a joint kick-off with coffee, tea and cake, the time had come to put smiles on the faces of fellow Amsterdammers. Prologis employees divided themselves across the different volunteer projects and set off to make a positive impact. Throughout the day, colourful pictures of hardworking hands, first achievements and plenty of smiles flood in through whatsapp. Team work makes the dream work, is how the saying goes and that’s exactly what happened as Prologis’ employees set about:
- Making a public children’s playground shine again by repainting, re-sanding and relandscaping it
- Building a welcome kiosk at a petting farm
- Clearing, tending and summer-proofing the gardens of vulnerable people
- Surprising residents at a mentally disabled centre with delicious pancakes
- Helping with craft therapy sessions with mentally disabled people
- Transforming a wilderness into a beautiful picking and experience garden at the disabled centre

Thanks a lot Prologis for all your hard efforts and making this Impact Day a day to remember!  


Open for sign-up: Global Impact Session #1 | 30.06.2022


Global Impact Session #1:
How to strengthen your company's CSR through volunteerism?

Thu, 30.06.2022 | 16:00 - 19:00 | Nieuwe Herengracht 18, Amsterdam

> Kick-Off: Corporate volunteering and its value for your organization and company culture
> Walk the Talk: Interactive Q&A with Arianna Summa (Equinix) and Claire O'Driscoll (ServiceNow) sharing their experiences with corporate volunteering
> Workshop: Design a corporate volunteering event that your employees get truly excited about
> Networking: Time for drinks and good talks

Let's connect and make impact all together!

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New corporate logo: Time to say good bye ...

... and to say hi to our new one!
We proudly present you our new corporate logo:

Computers for refugees: donate your old company laptops  

‘Oldie but Goldie’ is what Claire O’Driscoll (ServiceNow) and Arianna Summa (Equinix) were thinking when reaching out to us with the idea to donate their old company laptops and pcs to refugees. Time to give old company laptops a second life and donate them to refugees!

Laptops and computers for refugee shelters
After fleeing from the war, shelter residents now try to build up a normal life over here in Amsterdam. WOW hostel Amsterdam is currently hosting 200 refugees from Ukraine - from children over students to adults. With the help of the IT equipment donations from ServiceNow and Equinix, we could provide WOW with 10 old laptops and 4 monitors. Four of the laptops are connected to a monitor and setup in the lobby for instant use. Alternatively, residents can also borrow one of the remaining laptops for a few hours. This allows them to access information, continue their education online, search for a new job, and stay connected with their family back in Ukraine. Win – win: for people and planet! 

Your company also wants to donate old but working IT equipment to people in need?
Great to hear! We collect any computer devices from windows laptops, tablets and PCs over iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Just reach out to us and we will connect you to a shelter in need.

Last but not least a big thank you to Claire O'Driscoll and Arianna Summa for taking initiative and making the WOW-team and their residents smile. 

Doing good together: Cultural trash pick-up tour with Equinix  

On April 08, 2022 we organized a cultural trash pick-up tour for Equinix, a leading digital infrastructure company. The mission: an unforgettable team-building event with a clean Oosterpark as a result. The outcome: 13 crossed-out trash bingo cards, 8 garbage bags full of trash, and 26 happy faces with new insider knowledge in their pockets.  

Friday, 08:45, Oosterpark Amsterdam. After almost two years of working from home due to the pandemic, 26 early bird employees from Equinix are ready to conquer Amsterdam’s oldest public park with trash grabbers and garbage bags. Today’s challenge: which of the 13 teams will be the first one with a full trash bingo card? On the go, Adam Helpt project coordinator Leonine is taking the group on a discovery tour along different monuments and hidden gems while introducing them to the colorful history of the Oosterpark. 

Carita van Velzen, Executive Assistant, and Arianna Summa, Program Manager, are the driving forces behind Equinix’ teambuilding event. Both are volunteering in their free time and reached out to us in order to help Equinix organize a corporate volunteering event bringing employees from different offices closer together. “The best thing about volunteering is that we can create connectivity inside the company while serving the community at the same time!” Arianna explains “It is a nice, informal way for our team to get to know each other while working towards one common goal.”
During the 2 hour-long trash pick up tour through the park, there is enough time for all employees to mingle, chat with each other and laugh together.

Alistair Stephen, Senior Director Integration Programs, has a special relationship with Oosterpark. Living in the area, he considers Oosterpark a place where everyone is welcome. Located in the eastern part of the city, the Oosterpark area houses a multicultural community with over 100 different nationalities. Alistair, originally from Scotland, being one of them. He finds it important to do good in the world as a company and has been volunteering for Equinix before: “We all have a social responsibility! That's why I think every company should take the opportunity and combine their team building events with environmental, social, or governance initiatives.”

At the end of the morning, Oosterpark is ready to receive more visitors to enjoy the day in a clean and green environment. We close the team building event with the announcement of the bingo winners, a warm applause and chocolate easter eggs for everyone as a well-deserved reward. “When will we do this again?” someone asks before the team is heading back to the office with a big smile on their face.

A big thank you to the whole Equinix team for making our city a greener place together. We are looking forward to our next cultural trash pick-up tour with you!


Got inspired by Equinix? 
Great to hear! We at Adam Helpt are happy to help you discover the different volunteering possibilities for your company or team.
Just reach out to us and we can discuss the different options together.

Ready to do something with your team around Christmas? We have the perfect and Corona proof activity for your company!

Ready to do something with your team around Christmas?

We have the perfect and Corona-proof activity for your company!


"These people have sometimes lived here for thirty years, their children grew up here. They

 can't just leave"

"The blanket has been pulled off, now you see how vulnerable these people are in the city"

"It's life-changing. We are all looking forward to Friday the 17th. You can do something back; it gives life a purpose”

"We really had to build this food distribution ourselves. The people first sent their neighbors or children out for getting food, due to fear and shame to pick up a bag"


Every week 500 families are coming to an “unofficial” food bank to get food.

We would love to bless every single family with a nice extra “Christmas parcel” when they come to pick up their food. This year we want to surprise these families with an extra Christmas gift when they come for their weekly shopping. We are up to the challenge of making 500 packages for these families, but we need a lot of help! Are you in?!

Why: There are families struggling financially because of Covid-19. They were working as cleaners and in restaurants and there are no jobs for them right now. They have been struggling for months and we would like to make sure they have food around X-mas and feel loved and cared for by many people!

What: We would like to ask you and your team/colleagues to make one or more Christmas packages for these families. See this as an excellent opportunity to have a great time with your team just before the end of the year and to make a difference in the city despite Covid-19. For example, meet at home with 4 colleagues or agree who will purchase what and fill the boxes together at the office.

With Advent calendars we normally receive something, but now we do it the other way around! We give something away every day. By putting a product in a box every day and giving it to these families when the box is completely filled.

How: The adventure starts on November 30th and ends on December 17th. You can deliver the Christmas package on the 16th or 17th in the morning in Amsterdam in Nieuw-West. Mail us at [email protected] or fill in the contact form that you want to participate. Or call, because a call is faster, on 020 2440272. Then we will discuss the possibilities and the next steps!


You can also make a donation, so we can buy parcels for the families, use this Tikkie link!

Making a home for Achmed who had not had a home for 10 years

“Anyway, life goes on,” says Achmed. It feels like a baffling cliche.

We’re standing together in his still bare and stark empty house. Benjamin is hanging up some lights to be able to see, and I bring the paint. Holes in the wall are being fixed so tomorrow 11 volunteers from a company can come and paint the walls. Achmed stands there, somewhat lost, with a putty blade.


Achmed has been homeless for 10 years and for the past three years he has been living in the ‘Instroomhuis’, a short-term social home at the Salvation Army. Now, a definitive house has finally been appointed to Achmed, for him to build things up again.


We are helping him because he does not have a network, friends, or family to help him. Achmed says that he got divorced 10 years ago, and then became homeless. I can see the pain in his eyes when he tells me that his three children do not wish to see him. This probably means he hasn’t seen them in over 10 years.

As I ride off on my bicycle I think of the family, the friends, and the network that Achmed does not have. And that he will have a house soon, a roof over his head, but no one to share it with. “Anyway, life goes on”. I bike on, deeply saddened.

The next day, the 11 volunteers are raring to go and paint his house. In two hours, all the walls are painted, and the job is well done. Achmed is another step closer to living in his own new house.

Company volunteering for painting a house

Energized volunteers from a company painting the walls in Achmed's house

On Saturday, I come in for a quick peek during our final project day. Serve the City volunteers are painting the ceiling and then we’re finished. For now, as we’ll come back to do the window frames and the doors as well.

I enter the house and I see Achmed there with a paintbrush, painting the baseboards red. Masking them with tape wasn’t necessary, he said. Luckily, the other volunteers thought differently and covered up the walls, with love.

What a difference with the first time I saw Achmed in his house. This Achmed had so much more energy than the first day, and it made me so incredibly grateful.

I look around the apartment and I see a beautifully painted home. Something we accomplished with the efforts of 20 volunteers in just 4 days. These kinds of projects always have a deep impact on me, because we can really make such a huge difference for someone in their house.

We’re not done yet, but when Achmed has moved in, we’ll come back and make the difference again, with paintbrushes in our hands and leave a little joy in Achmed’s home while he gently picks up his life again in his new house.

Happy volunteers after painting the ceilings!
Happy volunteers after painting the ceilings!

Waterbikes and trash

It’s Wednesday morning. With trash pickers in my car, I head over to the Sloterplas. Today marks the end of a series of volunteering initiatives by the Equinix company.


“I’m not dumping trash if that’s what you might think,” I say, while I throw the bag of instruments over the high fence. “Today a company will pick trash from the Sloterplas on water bikes and I’m delivering their tools.”


“How wonderful you’re doing this!” says one person from the group of elderly people that is doing a work-out. I grab the next bag and try to toss it over the fence as professional as possible while the group gazes at me.


“Actually, I think it’s ridiculous that a company has to clean up after other people. They should do it themselves,” an older woman says.


I get what she’s saying, and I agree. However, aren’t we constantly busy fixing the problems that are caused by people, governments or companies who don’t take responsibility? Do we not give love or help where this should be evidently present, but is missing?


I go on with my day. I work, I budget, I meet and around 13:00 I go back to the Sloterplas to pick up the gear I left and to hear how it went.

The team is happy; the company collected a lot of waste on their water bikes and proudly show the result. And the trophy of the day is… a bike! They pulled an entire bicycle out of the Sloterplas.

This company took its responsibility by doing something good for society for four months in a row. They recuperated a playground in a deprived area in Amsterdam North, they helped out in the garden for someone who couldn’t maintain it, they gave the nature playground in Amsterdam West new benches and tables and last but not least: they made the Sloterplas a bit cleaner.


I drive away from the job, and I come to the following conclusion: “Giving love, doing chores or cleaning up the earth together is always a good idea.”


Are you interested in joining an inspiring teambuilding event? Just contact us:

Phone: 020 2440272

Email: [email protected]


Inspiring a sense of purpose among employees amidst a pandemic

There is no doubt that 2020 was a historic year that nothing could have prepared us for. The onset of the pandemic early in the year put us face to face with challenges we had not anticipated and pushed us to learn to adapt to  the uncertainty that had befallen the world. Working from home became the new normal for majority of businesses and/or companies with the necessary resources to make this shiftand phrases such as “you’re on mute” or “we can’t hear you” quickly became part of our everyday vocabulary.  


Despite their best efforts, some organizations proposed salary cuts, others were laid off employeeand, in some cases, some were forced to close their doors as lockdowns were imposed in an effort to flatten the curve and bring down the infection numbers. All this was done with one goal in mind: to try and survive the pandemic. The biggest challenge we probably faced was how to retain our sanity and humanity, rediscover what really matters to us, retain our connections with our loved ones and show kindness to the less fortunate in our society. Employers were forced to be introspective and evaluate their company values, culture, and whether they were a true representation of their companies. 


For Lotte de Vos, owner of Blue Amsterdam a caféher first concern was how she would be a good employer and steer their employees through a difficult time. When the first lockdown was announced, Lotte was forced to let go of some of her employees, while others who had been working part-time at the café while in school opted to quit having completed their studies. At a time when they were gearing up for what they had anticipated would be their busiest year yet, their hopes were dashed, and the wind was taken out of them as everyone was forced to stay indoors. 


With a closed restaurant, bills that needed to be paid, her three children to care for, her sister who was also her business partner who gave birth to her second child in this period, and the uncertainty of it all, she had more than enough on her plate to worry aboutInstead of letting these challenges keep them down, Lotte and her family pushed through and managed to get through a hectic and difficult period. 


When the second closing of establishments was announced, as the scout motto goes, Lotte and her team were prepared. They came together and organized activities that would bring them together as a team to help them stay connected despite not being able to work. From Zoom parties, a staff member giving an online sports class, and a lively WhatsApp group the Blue Amsterdam team brought back some of the joy they had lost, the days were a bit brighter and their spirits were high.  


Perhaps it was the restored hope and happiness, whatever it was Lotte felt there was more they could do, to feel useful, but this time focusing their efforts to support others in the community who were less fortunate. She got in touch with Count Me In and Adam Helpt and after brainstorming on possible activities, they finally landed on a number of projects that she felt aligned best with her and her team.  Christmas is the season of giving the Blue Amsterdam team came together to bring some Christmas cheer for the underprivileged and underappreciated.  


Something about seeing Christmas decorations makes you happy. Whether it is the Christmas trees, fairy lights, baubles, you can’t help but smile and feel the joy warming you up. Blue Amsterdam knew this and for that reason, their first project involved cleaning out a garden and decorating it, reminding Amsterdammers of the joys of the holidays as they went out about their days. For the second project, the team paid a visit to an elderly home and surprised the residents by decorating it, and for their third Christmas decorations project, they visited a home and worked with the residents there to make decorations. 


For some of the undocumented, the team decided to surprise them with boxes filled with treats and delights to celebrate the holidays. Single mothers in a shelter were not left behind in spreading the Christmas spirit and were treated to a Christmas dinner served by two members of the Blue Amsterdam team. They also supported Voedselbank for undocumented with different activities and some staff members still volunteer their time on a weekly basis to this day. 


Since almost every member of Blue Amsterdam was an active member of society, volunteering was a wonderful way to bring everyone together. As people who are used to rolling up their sleeves, pouring the heart and soul into creating amazing dishes for people to enjoy, volunteering gave the staff an opportunity to be active and feel useful. A bonus was that the team got a chance to see each other and work alongside each other after such a long time. 



Words are not enough to express how proud Lotte is of her employees. Her hope is that they are inspired to keep striving to do good every day and that it gives them a different perspective on how they live their lives. As an employer, the core values you hold set the pace for the kind of company culture you nurture among your employees, and it is in times such as these that you are challenged to step up to the plate and show your staff the type of leader you are.  For Lotte, the volunteering experience changed her perspective on life and made her realize the importance of being more socially concerned, doing more for the city’s underprivileged, and the critical role she has to play in inspiring her employees and cultivating a sense of purpose among them. Volunteering is an activity she plans to keep doing not only for the rest of her life but an initiative she intends to make part of her business going forward.  


 She is hopeful that Blue Amsterdam will reopen with enough work for all her staff and that they will get through that period with minimal financial damage to be able to rebuild their company. Most importantly, she is hopeful she will be able to welcome guests to her restaurant once again and enjoy great food with breathtaking views of Amsterdam, making wonderful memories with their loved ones. 


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Written by: Beatrice Thumi