This year’s symbol of support for World Cleanup Day was demonstrated by putting one’s fingers up to make a “W”. It reverberated the need to create a world without waste and stressed the important role we all have to play to make this a reality 

For a company such as Colgate, sustainability is a core part of the business as it seeks to continuously develop innovative products for the health and wellbeing of its consumers. As a result, the company decided to partner with Adam Helpt, who designed a custom volunteer initiative in line with its sustainability goals and CSR policy called Colgate Smile for Good 

So, on a bright and sunny 19th September Colgate and Adam Helpt brought on board outstanding influencers Yara Michels, Nina Pierson, Grow Thinkers, and Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst also known as Letstalkslow to join them in the clean-up initiative, which took place at Zeilschool Sloterplas. 

Following an in-depth briefing by Brigitte Vonck-Makkinje, Company Coordinator at Adam Helpt, the four influencers geared up. Armed with rubbish bags, grabber sticks, and gloves, they took to the water on the paddle bikes and canoes to clean up the rubbish 

They also took time out to capture and share how they were spending their day on their social media pages, in an effort to drive awareness around the issue particularly in the Netherlands, and educate their followers on steps they could take every day, to improve the environment they live in.  

From collecting plastic bottles, paper bags to even fishing out a yoga mat, the influencers were astounded at the amount of rubbish they were able to collect from such a small area, reinforcing their commitment to doing what they can to caring for the environment. At the end of the clean-up, all four influencers spent some time talking with Adam Helpt learning more about the current state of affairs on matters of waste and how we can all care for the environment by cleaning up and disposing of waste in the right manner. 

In the country at large, Plastic Soup Foundation and NederlandSchoon led the Netherlands in joining 180 countries in the largest worldwide cleanup event of the year and its efforts saw the country collect over 120,000 waste items in one day. 

This initiative echoed saying that reads, “small steps every day can lead to big changes in the long run. If we can all take it as our own individual responsibility to care for the environment through the small steps we take such as throwing an empty plastic bottle in the bin instead of on the ground, we will be able to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner world without waste 

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Written by Beatrice