It’s Wednesday morning. With trash pickers in my car, I head over to the Sloterplas. Today marks the end of a series of volunteering initiatives by the Equinix company.


“I’m not dumping trash if that’s what you might think,” I say, while I throw the bag of instruments over the high fence. “Today a company will pick trash from the Sloterplas on water bikes and I’m delivering their tools.”


“How wonderful you’re doing this!” says one person from the group of elderly people that is doing a work-out. I grab the next bag and try to toss it over the fence as professional as possible while the group gazes at me.


“Actually, I think it’s ridiculous that a company has to clean up after other people. They should do it themselves,” an older woman says.


I get what she’s saying, and I agree. However, aren’t we constantly busy fixing the problems that are caused by people, governments or companies who don’t take responsibility? Do we not give love or help where this should be evidently present, but is missing?


I go on with my day. I work, I budget, I meet and around 13:00 I go back to the Sloterplas to pick up the gear I left and to hear how it went.

The team is happy; the company collected a lot of waste on their water bikes and proudly show the result. And the trophy of the day is… a bike! They pulled an entire bicycle out of the Sloterplas.

This company took its responsibility by doing something good for society for four months in a row. They recuperated a playground in a deprived area in Amsterdam North, they helped out in the garden for someone who couldn’t maintain it, they gave the nature playground in Amsterdam West new benches and tables and last but not least: they made the Sloterplas a bit cleaner.


I drive away from the job, and I come to the following conclusion: “Giving love, doing chores or cleaning up the earth together is always a good idea.”


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