The perfect volunteer day 

We plan and facilitate your corporate volunteer day from start to finish. Our experienced coordinators help plan the logistics for your event, communicate with the organization you’re helping, and ensure that everything runs smoothly on project day. Do you want to work with the homeless or the elderly? Or would a hands-on gardening project be a better fit for your company? Whatever you’re looking for, we can help.

Why work with us?

  • We have extensive experience setting up employee volunteering days for companies of all sizes.
  • We can plan an event in 4–6 weeks, so your company and the community will see the impact right away. 
  • We are well connected to organizations in the Amsterdam area, so we can find the best fit for your team.  
  • We work with you to design corporate volunteer days that align with your company’s values and meet your needs.  
  • We offer a budget-friendly alternative to typical teambuilding activities.  

How volunteer projects work

Let us know how many people you have and when you would like to plan your event. We need about 4-6 weeks or preparation time and we ask your company to contribute to the cost of these activities. We can meet with you in person or set up a call  to discuss the plan. Once we have all the information, we  will start looking  for  a volunteer project that fits your  needs  

When we have found a project that matches your goals, we will plan a visit to the project location. This helps you get to know the location and the staff, and we can go through the project and the details of the day together.

For every project, you’ll have onsite support from a representative from Adam Helpt and a staff member from the organization you’re working with. We will make sure all preparations are done so you can have a good and meaningful time together making social impact in Amsterdam.   

When the project is finished, we would love to hear about your experience. We can also provide details about the impact of your project, which you can share with employee volunteers and your company leaders.

Project types

Social activities 

Volunteer directly with clients, working onsite at a shelter, residential centre, or community centre. Get to know the people you’re helping through activities like cooking, playing games, or doing a craft project together.   

Hands-on projects 

Give an organization a fresh start and a new coat of paint. Help with a refurbishing or simple a building project that everyone can participate in. Your team can make a big difference brightening up a community centre or home.  

Field trips 

With help from your team, disabled and elderly clients with limited mobility can get out and about. Everyone can enjoy a trip to the zoo or a museum, a canal tour, or a sunny picnic in the park. 


Working outside together is a great way to collaborate in a new environment. With a garden project, you could do anything from planting flowers and pulling weeds to building and repairing fences.  

Let’s connect 

Do you want to set up a project, get help with your CSR strategy, or volunteer with us? We would love to hear from you! 

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